Welcome to the wonderful world of Firefy

Now that you own the Poi Master game, prepare to feel a real passion for this new game of skill.

Follow the story of Osrevinu, the little Polynesian boy who had his initiation at the age of 8. He was then magically transformed in his teenage years, and took the name of Universo.

Find out how he got to know Yferif, his flying friend. This encounter led to the creation of the Masters game and the Universo game.

Many challenges are available to you, but before you begin, you must view all our video clips on YouTube. You’ll learn all the tricks to become a Poi Master. Discover the exciting challenges of art of poi

Follow us on the YouTube Firefy-poi channel.

Important instructions will be available each week.
You will learn all about the art of poi: the story, the various techniques, our 88 challenges and more… even contests!

Discover 11 exciting challenges of the art of poi on out YouTube channel

Challenge 1 – One-Handed Wheel

Challenge 3 – One-Handed Helicopter

Challenge 4 – One-Handed Spinning Top

Challenge 9 – One-Handed Wrap-Around

Challenge 10 – One-Handed Infinity Sign

Challenge 12 – The Wheel

Challenge 13 – The Pedal

Challenge 14 – The Cross

Challenge 15 – The Infinity Sign

Challenge 16 – Changing Direction

Challenge 21 – Counter-Spinning Wheels

UNIVERSO Present tips and tricks to start the art of Poi on our YouTube Channel Firefy-Poi
FIREFY-POI episode 01 – Welcome to the Firefy-Poi channel. Learn all about the art of poi.

FIREFY-POI episode 02 – How to shorten the Firefy Master poi game.

FIREFY-POI episode 03 – How to insert the phosphorescent covers on the Firefy game of skill.