Firefy Universe

More than 1,000 years ago, on the island of Bora Bora near Tahiti, a volcano erupted, shaking the earth and the sky. This eruption released a dazzling stone with magical powers.

At the same time, Osrevinu, a young Polynesian boy, met with a flying insect named Yferif. They do not realize that their life has changed forever.

It is said that if a lucky one discovers two of these stones, he will become a Poi Master. Osrevinu is one of those. Through a miraculous phenomenon, the stone turns into a strange orange and yellow object with a string. The two companions quickly learn how to use it.

A few years later, an old man hidden behind a tree sees them. He’s discreet because he never saw this object and this technique before. And suddenly, a major volcanic eruption forces the tribe to leave the island. They all gather in the canoes and go at sea.

To be continued…